Database Tutorial
The HOA Database was designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. That being said, a few screen shots may be of value to you in getting a better feel for how to navigate through the database.

Log In: This screen shot reflects how you log into the HOA Database. It is very simple. After you create your account, simply insert your User Name and Password. Then click "Log In." That will bring you to the home search screen.

Creating an Account: This screen shot shows how to register to create an account so you can access the HOA Database. Once you enter the appropriate information and click "Create User", a message will be sent to your e-mail to confirm that it is an active account. Upon receipt of that e-mail, you can now go back to the Log In screen to access the HOA Database.

Property Search: This screen shot shows the home search screen and the information you need to input to search the database. Please note that if you select the "Name" option in the Search Criteria section, you do not need to input the full name of the subdivision/condominium. In fact, it is better if you only input a partial name. The reason for this is that the database will search for exactly what you input. So, if you input a name with a typographical error or a grammatical error, you might not get a positive hit even if that subdivision/condominium is in the database.

Search Result - Summary: This screen shot reflects a summary of the subdivision/condominium you are searching for if it is in the database. If it is not in the database, when you click the "Submit" button on the search screen (See "Property Search" screen shot above) you will get no result. If your search does not reflect a positive result, before you conclude that the subdivision/condominium is not in the database, try search by an alternate search criterion.

Search Result - Detailed: This screen shot reflects all of the detail in the database for the subdivision/condominium selected. To get this detailed information, remember to click on the plus sign ("+") at the left corner of the subdivision/condominium summary search result (See "Search Result - Summary" screen shot above).

Sending Feedback: This screen shot shows how you can assist us in building out the HOA Database. As reflected, fill out the data fields and click the "Send" button.

Logout: This screen show shows how you log out of the database. Simply click the "Logout link in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.